Meilleurs pigeons

Crown BE10-5031703 Proven breeding son of 'Crow' Wari BE15-2306620 One of the strongest breeding daughters of 'Kajo'! Rini BE15-2304161 Supreme breeding daughter 'Cavendish' Kitti BE16-2226861 Superior breeding daughter of 'Kittel' x 'Cavell'
Mother 1. Nat. Bourges II 2021 - 8,410 old birds, fastest 39,072 pigeons
Candira BE16-2226034 3. Belgian Olympiad Pigeon Allround 2020 (KBDB Olympic Hope) Sacha BE16-2226147 7x first prize speed / halfsister Sachi Figo James BE16-2226170 Unique racing and proven breeding cock! Eze BE16-2226744 55 Nat. – 14.955 pigeons / 50. Nat. – 9.857 pigeons Tiko BE18-5025681 The only child of 'Tilly' that was ever raced and at once one of the strongest racing sons of 'Koen'! Zara BE16-2225855 Proven breeding g.daughter 'Sedna'