Afbeelding van Jos Thoné


We are pleased to present you a glimpse behind the scenes at Thoné Pigeons. You can navigate through a selection of our best breeders and racers, like in a virtual pigeon loft. It will definitely help you to understand how our strain of pigeons was built up to its present level.

Our pigeons are also the foundation of many other successes worldwide. That is particularly rewarding for us. We will share our practices on a regular basis through this website. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Sincerely yours - Thoné Pigeons


News and Results

Pigeons in the spotlight

Figo James BE16-2226170 1. Nat. Acebird Chateauroux 2018-2019
2x 1. Nat. zone winner
2. Nat. Chateauroux 4,203 birds 2019
Nina BE19-5095058 1. Nat. Bourges II 2021 - 8,410 old birds, fastest 39,072 pigeons Witstaart Figo BE21-5035003 4. Nat. Bourges (492km) 7,270 pigeons '23
1. fastest Melun (334 km) 5,511 pigeons '22
Nino BE21-4059608 1. Nat. Argenton (494 km) 12,936 yearlings, fastest 23,570 pigeons Sister Sachi 930 BE18-5025930 is mother 18/903 FINAL 368km Mira OLR Portugal '23