Pigeon Health & Performance, used & recommended by Jos Thoné

Pigeon Health & Performance, used & recommended by Jos Thoné

June 18, 2019

Finding the perfect combination of food and nutrition supplements for the pigeons, is an important occupation of all pigeons fanciers. Just like you, I was always on the lookout for the best nutrition supplements for my colony. To stay at the top, only the best is good enough. In the past ten years I have tested countless products in the field. That is how I discovered my own unique optimal combination for every season, step by step. Until recently, these products were mixed specially for me, and now they have been made available under the name of ‘Pigeon Health & Performance’.


A mixture of essential vitamins for breeders and weaned youngbirds. It's unique formula provides a balanced mix of vitamins and high quality ingredients that are essential for fertility. They stimulate the laying, the hatching as well as the growth and general development of the youngsters.

Health Oil & Carbo Plus

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