The Croatian
20. Final Derby Zagreb, Croatia 2019

Bred from son Koen
Superior Breeding Cock

Mother 'The Croatian' is bred from brother 'Sua' x Kitti
Sua won 23x 1. prize and Kitti is bred from 'Kittel' x 'Cavell'

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Dear Jos,

I think that this was one off the best pigeons in the derby. He has the special character and very big heart. He was injured from the hawk on the first race and he flew all the races with the half left wing.He was missing complete secondary fathers in the left wing,only just before the final race this fathers grew. So that is way I think he is special. Also he was never flying around the loft in the flock with rest of the pigeons, he was always flying by himself. I hope one day maybe I can train his babies.

- message from Mr. Lekić Tihomir, Derby Zagreb-Lexman team

Again we were lucky when we could buy this special bird back from the auction. Now he has a special place in our breeding loft. 

The pedigree contains predominantly short distance blood however, the results of this pigeon are proof for the strong character of these bloodlines! 


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