1.-4.-6... club Chimay (140 km), yearlings
1.-3.-5... Sens (355 km) yearlings + old birds
1. club / 2.-3.-6.-18... Nat. c. Chateauroux, yearlings
1.-2... club / 3.-10.-20.-31... Nat. c. Chateauroux, old birds

Sens 6.6.2021 (355 km)

1. Sens (355 km) - 1,234 old birds + yearlings
(= 6. Prov. of 4,939 yearlings)

also, 3. Sens - 1,234 p. with 'Jonker Junior', bred from 'Jonker' x 'The 500'
(= 11. Prov. of 3,546 old birds)

Super breeding pair 'Jonker' x 'The 500'
Super breeding pair 'Jonker' x 'The 500'


Chateauroux I 2021 (547 km)

2. Nat. c. Chateauroux - 2,830 old birds with 'Oliver 149'
bred from Superbreeder 'Oliver' x 'Alabama'

also 3.-5.-6.-18... Nat. c. Chateauroux, old birds

3. Nat. c. Chateauroux - 1,414 yearlings with son 'Figo James'
bred from 'Figo James' x 'Ria' (inbred 'Sedna')

also 10.-20.-31... Nat. c. Chateauroux, yearlings

References this weekend

Tom Nouwen (As, Belgium)
wins 1. club / 11. Nat. zone c. Chateauroux (544 km) 1,414 birds
with daughter 'The Croatian'

Feed: Beyers Premium, Thoné Olympic
Products: Pigeon Health & Performance

Tom holding 'Carbo' from PigeonHP
Tom holding 'Carbo' from PigeonHP


Milos Pejkovic (Podgorica, Montenegro)
wins again 1. prize of 497 pigeons (289 km) 1265 m/s
bloodline 'Crow' x 'Avril'

Milos Pejkovic (Podgorica, Montenegro)
Milos Pejkovic (Podgorica, Montenegro)


Thierry Bazire (Bouleville, France)
wins 2.-6.-7... Brive of 3,028 birds with gr.children 'Son 801' / 'Dwain' and 'Kirin' (Golden Pair)

"Bonjour Xavier. J’ai encore très très bien réussi avec les enfants du fils de kirin et les enfants d’une fille du 054/09. Tops résultats. 2,6,7 Brive sur 3028 pigeons. Concours très très dur (vent de nord 1107m/m)"

Thierry Bazire holding his winning pigeon
Thierry Bazire holding his winning pigeon


Congratulations Milos, Tom and Thierry!
Did you also have good results with Thoné Pigeons to mention? Let us know!