"Probably the fastest Pigeon on Earth"

Avril was a top racer, just dreamlike. Her lineage - it couldn't be better - shows the class of Jos Thoné. We like to remember her as one of the fastest pigeons ever on earth.

Olympiad Pigeon speed, Ostend 2007
93 prizes in 6 years of racing (no doubles)
20x 1st prize!
1. Nat. Acebird LCB speed '05, '06, '07!
1. Nat. Acebird BDS speed '05, '06, '07!
2. Prov. Acebird speed KBDB 2005
1. Nat. Acebird speed, Het Duivenblad 2007
1. Nat. Acebird AVR most prizes 2007
2. West-European Acebird Country Cup speed 2006


Sua 185 BE19-5095185 Top-class daughter direct 'Pano' x 'Sua' 23x 1st. prize! Little Avril 034 BE19-5095034 Top inbreeding hen 'Avril' Little Sua 547 BE19-5095547 direct 'Sua' 23x first prize! Fabi BE18-5025058 Inbreeding 'Avril' and top racing hen! May BE17-5032163 Bred from 'Toendra' / Top sister 'Avril' Bob BE18-5025714 Exclusive and only direct son of nest.br. 'Kajo' x Acebird 'Babe' Sirius BE19-5095026 Top-class racing son of 'Cavell' Sachi 778 BE18-5025778 Super combination Sachi, Cavendish and Avril Olympic Son 183 BE19-5095183 Elondina 289 BE19-5095289 h.-sister 'Kirana'
1. Nat. c. – 408 birds
22. Nat. Tulle (670 km) – 3.064 birds (2020)
Kitti 304 BE17-5032304 Mother 'The Croatian'
20. Final Derby Zagreb, Croatia 2019
Tropina BE18-5025265