"Probably the fastest Pigeon on Earth"

Avril was a top racer, just dreamlike. Her lineage - it couldn't be better - shows the class of Jos Thoné. We like to remember her as one of the fastest pigeons ever on earth.

Olympiad Pigeon speed, Ostend 2007
93 prizes in 6 years of racing (no doubles)
20x 1st prize!
1. Nat. Acebird LCB speed '05, '06, '07!
1. Nat. Acebird BDS speed '05, '06, '07!
2. Prov. Acebird speed KBDB 2005
1. Nat. Acebird speed, Het Duivenblad 2007
1. Nat. Acebird AVR most prizes 2007
2. West-European Acebird Country Cup speed 2006


Kiga BE15-2180640 INBRED ‘PAULIEN’ ALBERT DERWA X INBRED ‘AVRIL’ Gandi BE15-2182681 Sajo BE16-2226994 Proven breeding son of 'Kajo' x 'Sachi' Babe BE16-2226194 1. Nat. Acebird LCB speed 2017 Luki BE17-5141001 is h.brother 'Nina' 1. Nat. Bourges '21 - 8,410 old birds fastest 39,072 p. Zionne BE18-5025168 bred from ‘Suo’ x Acebird ‘Babe’ for the breeding loft Frodo BE16-2317036 Son Frost x Toendra also inbred Avril The Croatian BE19-5095549 20. Final Derby Zagreb, Croatia 2019 Belina BE11-5010363 Proven breeding hen Clarisse BE13-5021142 Proven breeding hen fr. father 'Cavendish' Ino BE15-2182837 Proven breeding hen & inbreeding 'Avril' Sega BE18-5025677 Top racing g.daughter 'Kittel', inbreeding famous 'Olympic Rosita'
Full sister 'Nina' 1. Nat. Bourges II 2021 - 8,410 old birds, fastest 39,072 pigeons
Tropina BE18-5025265 Speed racing hen - Top bloodlines 'Kittel' x 'Kajo' 14x 1st and 'Kirin' 10x 1st Kitti 886 BE19-5095886 Basic breeding hen for 100-350 km Oliver 150 BE19-5095150 Winner of 1/937 (190km), 3/2,040 (140km) ...
is breeder of: 21. FINAL Ostwestfalen Derby OLR 2021 427km 239p. headwind
nest-brother won 51. FINAL OLR Sunny Beach Bulgaria '21