"Probably the fastest Pigeon on Earth"

Avril was a top racer, just dreamlike. Her lineage - it couldn't be better - shows the class of Jos Thoné. We like to remember her as one of the fastest pigeons ever on earth.

Olympiad Pigeon speed, Ostend 2007
93 prizes in 6 years of racing (no doubles)
20x 1st prize!
1. Nat. Acebird LCB speed '05, '06, '07!
1. Nat. Acebird BDS speed '05, '06, '07!
2. Prov. Acebird speed KBDB 2005
1. Nat. Acebird speed, Het Duivenblad 2007
1. Nat. Acebird AVR most prizes 2007
2. West-European Acebird Country Cup speed 2006


Avril BE03-5071209 "Probably the fastest Pigeon on Earth" Sua BE15-2180032 23x first prize speed! Kajo BE12-5030102 1. Prov. / 13. Nat. Acebird KBDB speed
& 14x first prize and proven breeding cock!
Cavendish BE08-5061019 Top-class racing pigeon and Sire to a legacy of champions! Olympic Son BE13-6097298 Halfbrother 'Kittel' Venchi BE14-2022435 Proven breeding daughter of 'Sachi' Ari BE15-2180327 Daughter "Ara" (10x first prize speed) & "Super Sister Avril" (3x first prize) Lena BE15-2180235 Proven racing and breeding hen Koen BE14-2022156 Superior Breeding Cock Nida BE15-2180634 Daughter 1 Prov. Acepigeon KBDB Speed 2008 Wari BE15-2306620 One of the strongest breeding daughters of 'Kajo'! Suo BE16-2226221 Full brother 'Sua' and proven breeding cock! Rini BE15-2304161 Supreme breeding daughter 'Cavendish' Kitti BE16-2226861 Superior breeding daughter of 'Kittel' x 'Cavell' Sacha BE16-2226147 7x first prize speed / halfsister Sachi