Supreme racer 2x 1. Nat. c. and grs. 'Sedna' 1. Int. Narbonne +10.000 p.

Grandson legendary 'Sedna' 1. Int. Narbonne 2005, fastest +10.000 pigeons. 'Gaggan' is named after the famous Indian Chef Mr. Gaggan Anand. After Jos Thoné together with his family enjoyed a wonderful meal at his restaurant 'Gaggan' in Bangkok, he decided to honor Mr. Anand by naming this supreme pigeon after him.

Some results of ‘Gaggan’
1. Nat. zone Argenton (576km)
1. Nat. zone Chateauroux (548km)
3. Nat. Acebird 2019 – 7 prizes (PIPA)
4. Nat. Acebird 2018 – 6 prizes (PIPA)
5. Nat. c. Argenton – 648 birds
11. Nat. c. Chateauroux – 1.904 birds
19. Nat. zone Bourges – 2.088 birds

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Gaggan won 3. Nat. Acebird on the Belgian National races - 2019 (PIPA)




Sendo BE06-5150431 Proven breeding son of 'Sedna'


Suprina BE12-5030370 Mother Alien (1st. Nat. Poitiers / 1st. Nat. La Souterraine) and mother Gaggan 2x 1st. Nat. zone
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