1.-2.-4.-6.-7... club Mettet (103 km) old birds + yearlings
1. club Sourdun (320 km) yearlings
1.-2... club Vierzon (492 km) with daughter 'Gaggan' and daughter 'Kajo'

METTET 23-05-21 (103 km)
1/301 old birds Mettet with BE19-5095229 direct daughter 'Olympic Son' x 'Kitti'

but also, 6/661 (= 8/729) young birds with a direct son from 'Pano' x 'Sua'


SOURDUN 23-05-21 (320 km)
1. club Sourdun (= 12/1.469 p.) with BE20-5040560 brother 'Jonker'

VIERZON 23-05-21 (492 km)
24. Prov. Vierzon of 4.530 old birds + yearlings
with BE20-5040292 direct from 'Gaggan' (= 9/1.638 yearlings)

'Gaggan' super racing cock and proven breeder
'Gaggan' super racing cock and proven breeder


Until 2019 (season included) 'Gaggan' was one of our favorite racing cocks, won 2x 1. National zone. We saw great potential in 'Gaggan' as a breeder and put him on the stockloft. Quickly he has proven himself to be a promising breeder. We are happy that some fanciers could already purchase a direct child from 'Gaggan' in one of our previous auctions on PIPA. 

but also, 67/4.530 Vierzon old birds + yearlings
with direct daughter 'Kajo' (see pedigree)


Gert Noels (Ham, BE)
wins 1. Prov. Vierzon (485 km) fastest of 4.530 pigeons!
with BE19-5038464 bred from father 'Lourdes' (50% Thoné) x daughter 'Marceline' (bl.lines 'Goor' and 'Lundi')


Thed van Wel (Dreumel, NL)
wins 3. Dizy-le-Gros (277 km) of 4.400 pigeons with NL19-1472836 who is already father of 1/11.261 Chimay (215km) earlier in April this year! The "19-836" is 100% Thoné, bred from 'Eagle Koka' (see link below) paired to a supreme daughter of 'Kajo' x 'Nida'. 

Thed van Wel (Dreumel, NL)
Thed van Wel (Dreumel, NL)


Dai Davies (South-Wales, UK)
wins 2. Nat. 4.724 pigeons (165 miles) with a supreme hen bred from full brother to 'Babe' (is bred from 'Apollo' x 'Lena'). 

Top breeder 'Apollo' is grf. 2. Nat. 4.724 p. S-Wales UK
Top breeder 'Apollo' is grf. 2. Nat. 4.724 p. S-Wales UK


Congratulations to Gert, Thed and Dai Davies!