Father 'Babe' / Brother 'Gaggan' & 'Gagano'

Full brother to ‘Gagano’
2. Prov. Bergerac 2017 (785km)
12. Nat. Acebird KBDB LD 2019

Full brother to ‘Gaggan’
1. Nat. zone Argenton (576km)
1. Nat. zone Chateauroux (548km)
3. Nat. Acebird 2019 – 7 prizes (PIPA)
4. Nat. Acebird 2018 – 6 prizes (PIPA)

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'Apollo' is breeder of 'Babe'
10x 1. prize
1. Prov. / 3. Nat. Acebird KBDB Speed 2017
1. Nat. Acebird LCB Speed 2017

but also, father to breeders of -

13. Nat. Gueret (502 km) 8,375 pigeons 2022 
bred and raced by Gianni Fascella, from a son to 'Apollo' (full brother 'Babe')

2. Nat. 4.724 pigeons (165 miles)
raced by Dai Davies (South-Wales, UK) 23.05.2021

1. Nat. zone B2 Bourges (390 km) of 4,675 birds
raced by Gianni Fascella (Bray, Belgium)

Gr.father 4. Final 500km Derby Carmelo Yupi Season 2022
Bred from full brother 'Babe' and raced by Yasmani-Michel-Robe 




Sendo BE06-5150431 Son of 'Sedna' 1. Int. Narbonne
Breeder of 'Gaggan', 'Gagano', 'Apollo' and 'Alien'


Suprina BE12-5030370 Mother Alien (1st. Nat. Poitiers / 1st. Nat. La Souterraine) and mother Gaggan 2x 1st. Nat. zone
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