Good news from Japan! Mrs. Eri Myojin, owner of the famous Japanese pigeon magazine "Aikyu-No-Tomo" sent us some great references. All children (!) from her pigeon "Brother Lena" that she bought on PIPA (bred from 'Jonker' x 'The 500) each won in the OLR in Japan!

Dear Xavier,
I have your pigeon in my breeding loft. I bought it by PIPA Auction before.
 I breed 4 children at fiest time this year and particepate One Loft Race in Japan. They are good result! One of them came back to my loft today.

21KA17205 BW

  • 200km 4th (1447 pigeons)
  • 250km 316th (1320 pigeons)
  • 300km 52th (1113 pigeons)
  • 400km 46th (896 pigeons)
(Photo by Eri Myojin ☺)
(Photo by Eri Myojin ☺)


The very beautiful pigeon! Her nest brother stay in the same One Loft. He will continue to participate the race in next Spring. (His best record is 250km 10th ! Super Brothers!)

Full sister in another One Loft.
She( he) is winner of 200km race !
She will go the race in the next year!

1000km race is waiting.
PAPA and MAMA is good pair, I think.
Please see the pedigrees and photos in the next e-mail.

Best regards,
Eri Myojin