Great success with the Thoné system in Australia
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Great success with the Thoné system in Australia

October 4, 2023

Our close friend from "Down Under" David Wetering is performing very well this season. After having completed 2 internships in our lofts, most recently in May 2023, he has successfully implemented the 'Thoné System' in his loft. David also has one of the most impressive and recent collections of original Thoné birds in Australia.

1. Fed. 504km 1,619 pigeons by 3 mins lead with gr.daughter 'Koka' x 'Sandri' (parents 'Aretha'). The full sister of 'Aretha' has been very dominant in David's results this year. 

Also, 1. Fed. Tasmania 347 km with massive ocean crossing with 25% Thoné pigeon. 

Hello Jos and Xavier
Birds here are going super due to the Thoné system 
Thanks to you and Jos
I have won two federation races and sitting second in the federation average.
My other federation win was from Tasmania 
Massive ocean crossing 
Have a look on the map of Australia the ocean between Tasmania and Victoria 
This was a grand son of your pigeons 

David is also using the full program of Pigeon Health & Performance

Congratulations David!