Racing Season 2020: kick-off with Sourdun 320km

Racing Season 2020: kick-off with Sourdun 320km

June 14, 2020

We are very happy to start racing again.Thank you very much to all parties making this possible for the Belgian fanciers. It are difficult times, let's enjoy pigeon sport and make the best out of it.

13/06/2020: Sourdun (320 km)

The first arrival (BE18-5025677) makes 1412 m/min and wins 1. Club - 422 pigeons and 1. of 1.810 pigeons. This hen is bred from a very successful inbreeding combination 'Olympic Son' x 'Kitti' (= bloodlines 'Kittel' x 'Avril'). 

Some more results for Sourdun (320km): 
1., 2., 3., 4., 5.,... Club of 422 old birds + yearlings
1., 2., 9.,... "Mijnstreek" 701 old birds
1., 6., 8.,... "Mijn Stille Kempen" of 1.810 old birds + yearlings

'Suske' wins 3./422 Club and 8/1.810 Local (old birds + yearlings) and was beaten by a few seconds, or she would have won her 24. first prize!

'Suske' is bred from 'Tora' (14. Nat. Tulle - 7.322 p.), a supreme breeding hen and full sister to top breeder 'Oliver'. See links below. 

The preparation for next week's race begins today: we start by giving our hens a nice bath (Beyers bathing salt) & Recup Fast (superior electrolytes from PigeonHP) in the drinking water.