Nice results and references this weekend

Nice results and references this weekend

May 22, 2023

1. Mettet (101 km) old birds + yearlings @ Thoné Pigeons
1. club & 44. Vierzon 2,649 p. (492 km) @ Thoné Pigeons
1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5. Mettet yearlings (79 km) @ Nico Reynders
1. club & 2. ML Laon 4,108 p. (190 km) @ Mommen Luc & Stef
1.- 2. Soissons (207 km) 1,199 old birds, fastest 3,179 pigeons @ Marc Vanonckelen

1. Mettet (101 km) old birds + yearlings with 'Jonker 205' bred from 'Jonker' x 'The 500'. A super breeding pair which already gave us many winners. 'Jonker 205' already won 8x 1. prize speed. 

1. club & 44. Vierzon 2,649 p. (492 km) bred from 'Sergio' x 'Zoë'. 

See pedigrees below. 

Nice reference from Luc & Stef Mommen

Luc & Stef were lucky enough to win 'Bill' in the PIPA total auction of Thoné X+M early 2021. 'Bill' has been a fantastic racing bird in our lofts and now he is producing excellent youngsters for our friends from Hasselt. Luc & Stef follow the Thoné system and give Beyers Premium Thoné Olympic and PigeonHP products.

Hey Xavier and Jos,

Achieved a good result at Laon with 1/404 and 2/4108 Midden-Limburg.

Bred from Bill x Tilly 570.

This pigeon also has a special story: it is a very late one from '21 and flew completely open as a yearling and was sewn shut with half a crop. A few weeks later it was raced from Chimay, flew a prize and was raced to Melun the following week with the result 1/198 and 11/1193, lagged behind Argenton for 1 week but was then again on time from Melun with 32/882 . This year will also be fine (races won at <1300 m/min always more than per ten) and then this explosion.

Best regards,
Luc & Stef

Congratulations Luc, Stef, Nico and all other winners!