Daily Care of our Pigeons: Videos, Tips & Tricks

Daily Care of our Pigeons: Videos, Tips & Tricks

April 26, 2020

In this article you will find some videos, pictures and tips for daily care of racing pigeons. We will also present some of our birds.

A special daughter of Sachi x Last Son Crow (BE18-5025030). With 'special' we mean the great pedigree, but also the above average handling of this hen. With this hen, Jos created an inbreeding to the super breeding hen 'Artificial Jutta', since both parents are her grandchildren. By combining Avril (through Frost = father Sachi) and Crow, Jos creates pigeons that are both fast and strong. Children from this hen can win from 100 up to 850 km even in hard weather conditions. 

She is now paired to 'Fyto', one of the best pure 'Gaby Vandenabeele' breeders still in Belgium. (find Fyto below)

Metachol - a nutrition supplement with a significant impact on the pigeons' digestive systems. Metachol simultaneously stimulates liver and kidney functions producing a well-functioning metabolism and a platform for a good overall condition. We see that our pigeons react very well and get very soft feathers when using Metachol 2x per week. www.pigeonhp.com

In the following video you will see a special pairing of two birds in our racing team (this means they are not on the breeding loft but will participate in the races as soon as it starts again). The cock is our 'Muday' (1. Nat. zone) and the hen is a very special inbred to 'Avril'.