2019 One Loft Race Results

2019 One Loft Race Results

October 14, 2019

In general, one can say that One Loft Races are very different from the pigeon sport that we are used to in Belgium. Therefore we didn't pay much attention to it in the past. But since there is a huge hype around these races, we deciced to come out of our comfort zone a little more. No sooner said than done in 2019 we participated in 8 One Loft Races under the name "Thoné Pigeons". It turned our to be a great success. You can find an overview of our best results below.

Derby Costa del Sol, Spain

2nd FINAL and 3. Ace Pigeon with Calatrava (see pedigree below)
Father is Koku, from Koen with Karin

Preussen Derby, Germany

23. FINAL, with a grandchild of Crow with Henda

Derby del Mediterraneo, Spain

20. FINAL, direct Balou

Derby Zagreb, Croatia

20. FINAL with bloodline Koen, Dwain (Golden Pair), Sua, Kittel, ...

Derby Costa de la Luz, Spain

39. FINAL with direct child Jonker x 500