Jos selected 12 youngsters from his best pigeons, breeders as well as racers, for this exclusive PIPA auction. This special selection includes one magnificent son of 'Sua' (23x 1st prize) x 'Pano' (brother 'Sacha', 7x 1st prize) - this is the first child ever of Sua being offered online!

Certain highlights of this auction were: 

Lot 1: Son Sachi 710
Bred from 'Sachi' x 'Last son Crow' 
1. Nat. La Souterraine – 19.155 birds (fastest of 23.848 birds)
also, 32. Nat. Bourges – 33.524 birds

Lot 5: Sachi 998
Bred from 'Fyto' x top daughter 'Sachi' with 'Last son Crow'

Lot 6: Jos' favourite 'Koen 138'
Inbred direct son of 'Rhea'

Lot 10: Son Sua
Bred from supreme racer 'Sua' 23x first prize speed
x 'Pano', h-brother 'Sachi'

Lot 11: Wulf 967
Bred from top racer 'Wulf', grandson 'Sachi' x 'Radina' supreme racing hen


We want to thank everyone kindly for their support.
Congratulations to the winning bidders!