1. fastest Nat. zone Aurillac with grandson 'Little Joe'

1. fastest Nat. zone Aurillac with grandson 'Little Joe'

July 17, 2023

We raced from short to extreme long distance, Dizy-le-Gros (189 km) to Saint-Vincent (969 km). The National zone C Aurillac winner is bred from an inbred cock to 'New Laureaat' x a supreme daughter 'Little Joe'. Remarkably this season our 'Little Joe' line appears in almost every pedigree from our long distance winners as well as in the pedigrees from our long distance references! You will find the pedigrees from the most important pigeons below.

Dizy-le-Gros (189 km)

1. club Dizy with son 'Kajo' x 'Nida'. Click here to see pedigree.

Aurillac National race (718 km)

1. fastest Nat. c. Aurillac 1,325 pigeons (30. Nat. 6,512 yearlings) with grandson 'Little Joe', inbred 'New Laureaat'. Click here to see pedigree.

St.-Vincent International Race (969 km)

45. Nat. St.-Vincent 2,853 pigeons with son top breeder 'Opium'. Click here to see pedigree.

'Opium' is this season already father to:
12. Nat. Limoges 8,970 yearlings with 'Triple Seven', bred from 'Opium' x 'Harry meets Sachi'. This is also 20. fastest Nat. Limoges 16,181 old birds + yearlings.  

10. Prov. Barcelona (1,082km) 922 pigeons (324. Nat. 6,533 pigeons). Bred from 'Opium' x 'Daughter Special One' and is h.brother (same father) to 'Triple Seven'


Marc Vanonckelen (Halen, Belgium)

Wins 1/842 p. Soissons (207km) with 'White Kopecky', inbred to superbreeder 'Kajo'. Click here to see pedigree. 

Main picture: (BE20-5040292) daughter 'Gaggan'. She won 1. club, 3. Nat. c. Cahors (787km) 462 pigeons and won 24. Prov. Vierzon 4.530 p. (492 km).