Founding breeding cock, world-famous "Gouden Grijs" line!

Bred from Valentino
is father Olympic Euro
Olympiad Pigeon Blackpool Kleine Molenaar
Bred from Gouden Grijs
1. Nat. Brive 2004

Top references from across the world e.g. Philippines, China and USA: Crow / Gouden Grijs bloodline performs outstanding on all distances, especially in hard racing conditions such as hot weather, mountainous environment, etc...

Crow BE05-5148626 Founding breeding cock, world-famous "Gouden Grijs" line! 克劳 (Crown) BE10-5031703 “伯爵”经过证明的育种直子 Marathon Racer BE12-5030895 Granddaughter of Sedna / impressive racing records 克劳妮 (Crowny) BE13-5021000 “伯爵” X “喜德娜” 优秀的子代 Lia BE14-2082125 Mother 2. FINAL Derby Costa del Sol (2019) 400km Goor BE05-5148796 16. Nat. Barcelona 13.502p. / 35 Int. Barcelona 27.669p. Guru BE09-5061041 19 prizes in 2 years from 150 to 1.000km / Father Guyliam Grijny BE15-2180090 Fantastic breeding hen. From father's side daughter 'Crow' x 'Sedna' Rioja BE15-2181438 Mother to 8. Nat. c. Aurillac (718 km) 2019 回血伯爵 (Inbred Crow) BE15-2182771 “伯爵” 和 “喜德娜” 的双重回血与经过证明的种鸽 最后伯爵的儿子 (Last Son Crow) BE15-2180022 “伯爵”经过证明的育种直子与闻名世界的血系“金麒麟”
船乔 (Barca Joe) BE12-5030890 经过证明的种鸽巴塞罗那冠军(在比利时和荷兰) 超级乔伊 (Super Joe) BE16-2226897 2019年波品纳全省冠军(950公里)/ 18-19年PIPA排行榜波品纳全国大区鸽王5位 利霸 (Libar) BE17-5032351 巴塞罗纳7301羽全国56位 小迪士尼 (Little Disney) BE13-5020986 子代“阿莱西亚”获得蒙特利玛全国 2836 羽亚军 (735 公里)