Very hot and successful Barcelona weekend
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Very hot and successful Barcelona weekend

July 10, 2023

Temperatures in Belgium reached >30°C this weekend. We raced from short to extreme long distance, Chimay to Barcelona. The International winner from Barcelona 2023 in the category "Old birds" is Ben Milou Hamed (Montivilliers, France). This winning birds' mother is 75% Thoné and bred from the very basic Poco/Arnold lines (source: PIPA). You will find the pedigrees from the most important original Thoné birds below.

Sens (355 km)

1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. - 7. - 8... club Sens young birds. 
First arrival bred from 'Felix' x 'Kirin 984'. Click here to see pedigree.

This couple is also moving to the breeding loft. You can find more information on the detail pages below (click the picture). 

The daughter from 'Remco' x 'Nina' wins again 1. prize this weekend from the race of Sens (355 km) in the category 'yearlings'. Click here to see pedigree.

Argenton National race (576 km)

34. Prov. Argenton 624 old birds with 'Figaro'. 
'Figaro' is bred from 'Figo James' x 'Ria' and already won 5. Prov. Valence 879 pigeons (680 km) earlier this season.

'Figaro' also won:
3. Nat. c. Chateauroux (547 km) 1,414 birds ‘21
21. Nat. Tulle (670 km) 7,267 birds ’21

'Figaro' is also father to:
81. place Extra Super Final Derby Halkidiki 2022 415 p. (505 km) 
VERY HARD RACE! also, 316. Final Halkidiki 2022

Bergerac National race (786 km)

We have basketed one pigeon for the National race of Bergerac and won 3. club 66. Prov. Bergerac 410 old birds in a very hard race. Click here to see pedigree.

Barcelona International race (1,082 km)

10. Prov. Barcelona (1,082km) 922 pigeons 
= 324. Nat. 6,533 pigeons

Bred from 'Opium' x 'Daughter Special One' and is (same father) to 'Triple Seven', last weeks winner of 12. Nat. Limoges 8,970 yearlings! 
Click here to see pedigree.

29. Prov. Barcelona (1,082km) 922 pigeons
= 560. Nat. 6,533 pigeons

Bred from 'Golden Harry' x 'Valerie'. Click here to see pedigree.