The pigeon club of the small city El Paso, today presided by Mr. Alberto Taño Martin, invited Jos Thoné to La Palma for a special event. Already from the first encounter we noticed that the organization, including our main contact person Mr. Oliver Baretto, are leading their club with passion and professionalism. We are very happy that we have met them and their associates in the beautiful island of La Palma on 19. October to share knowledge and experiences about pigeons.

Jos Thoné explained his way of racing pigeons, including but not limited to experiences on feeding and healthcare of the pigeons. Everything has been translated by our friend José Antonio Quintero Mendoza. At the end of the lecture, the attendees had the chance to ask their questions. 

We thank the organization for this great event and for their hospitality. 

An article written by José Antonio Montesdeoca can be found on the Spanish version of our website