Another victorious weekend on all distances
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Another victorious weekend on all distances

June 19, 2023

With the National race from Cahors we have won all (5) National races so far this year on club level. We are very happy with these great achievements. This weekend we also raced Vervins (SD), Gien (MD), La Châtre (HMD) and Cahors (LD). You will find the most important results and respective pedigrees below.

Vervins (178 km)

1. Vervins yearlings (178 km) with daughter 'Pano' x 'Sua' (BE22-5006280). 
Full sister to super racers Suana, Psyche and Atlas. Together they won +50x 1. prize speed!

1. - 2... Vervins young birds (178 km). First prize with (23-5039208) directly followed by (23-5039075). 

Gien (427 km)

1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5... old birds + yearlings Gien (427 km). First arrival (22-5006040) is bred from 'Nina' x 'Kirina'. Good readers have seen that this is also the mother of our first prize winning young bird from Vervins! 

La Châtre (560 km)

1. club yearlings with (22-5006096) bred from son 'Rudy' x daughter 'Super Joe'. 

Cahors (787 km)

1. club, 3. Nat. c. Cahors (787km) 462 p. with (BE20-5040292) a super daughter from 'Gaggan' x daughter 'Crowny'. This hen already won 24. Prov. Vierzon 4.530 p. (492 km). 

Pictures: (BE20-5040292) daughter 'Gaggan'.