6 superior young birds in unique online auction
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6 superior young birds in unique online auction

June 17, 2020

The closing event of the PIPA auction season traditionally brings the best of PIPA's most valued partners. Also Jos has selected 6 youngsters from his best proven breeders, for this exclusive PIPA auction. This special selection includes one magnificent daughter from Acebird 'Kajo' x 'Rini', as well as 2 supreme cocks from the proven breeding pair 'Koen' x 'Mara'. There is also one magnificent cock from the very valuable pairing 'Billy' x 'Candira'.

Certain highlights in this auction are the two daughters from top racer 'Tiko'.

Lots 6.05 BE19-5126541 and 6.06 BE19-5126542

These are bred from a pairing with the top racing hen from 'Olympic Son' x 'Kitti', inbreeding famous KITTEL x AVRIL. This hen wins 1. from 1.810 birds on Sourdun (320 km) last weekend (13.6.2020) and she already won the same race one year before! Go to auction


Lots 6.02 BE19-5095993 and 6.03 BE19-5095994
Jos' favourite! Two special cocks from the proven top pairing 'Koen' x 'Mara'. Where -933/19 is definitely Jos' favourite pigeon. Go to auction


Lot 6.01 BE19-5095910

'Rini 910' is a fantastic hen from Acebird 'Kajo', our basic top breeder x 'Rini', bred from 'Cavendish' x full sister 'Avril'. Go to auction


We wish best of luck to the bidders and as usual: quality guaranteed! 

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