1. Nat. Argenton 12,936 yearlings, fastest 23,570 pigeons
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1. Nat. Argenton 12,936 yearlings, fastest 23,570 pigeons

June 18, 2022

18-06-2022 - 1. Nat. Argenton (494 km) 12,936 yearlings, fastest 23,570 pigeons, raced at Marc Pletinckx & Angie. The winning cock 'Joske' was clocked at 12:23 CEST after a race of 482.198 km, achieving an average velocity of 1363.43 m/min.

'Joske' is bred by Jos Thoné from top breeder 'Avicii' paired to a supreme daughter of 'Kajo' x 'Sua'. 

'Avicii' was already a proven breeding cock and son to the famous 'Golden Pair' Dwain & Kirin. Together 'Dwain' & 'Kirin' are (gr.)parents to >60x 1st prize in our loft and they already gave many great references worldwide.

The National winner's mother is bred from top breeder 'Kajo' with supreme hen 'Sua'. They both count for 37x 1. prize in the speed races. However, the grandchildren from 'Kajo' can win from 100 - 700km. A perfect example is 'Remco', who won 12. Nat. Acebird KBDB MD yearlings 2019. 

Top cock 'Remco' also won 29. Nat. Bourges II (492 km) of 8,410 p. '21 and was the partner of 'Nina' in the same race when 'Nina' won 1. fastest Bourges of 39,072 pigeons. 

More results this weekend:

  • 1. club Laon (212 km) young birds = 4. Laon ML against 1,971 p. with sister 'Jonker'
  • 1. club Gien (427 km) yearlings = 13. Prov. against 4,115 pigeons
  • 1. club Gien (427 km) old birds
  • 1. club Argenton (572 km) yearlings, 3. Nat. c. Argenton against 846 p. (extreme long distance pigeon from son 'Jef' 1. Int. Barcelona, see pedigree below)
  • 1. club Argenton (572 km) old birds with top racer 'Felix' (see pedigree below)
    = 1. Nat. c. Argenton, fastest 1,708 pigeons

Pictures and video: (c) PIPA, Columba Photography.