Supreme daughter 'Crow' x 'Sedna'
DNA Certified!

Bred from Top breeder Crow
Top references from across the world e.g. Philippines, China and USA: Crow / Gouden Grijs bloodline performs outstanding on all distances, especially in hard racing conditions such as hot weather, mountainous environment, etc...

Bred from legendary Sedna
1. Int. Narbonne – 5.870 birds (fastest >10.000 birds)
7. semi-Nat. Jarnac – 5.005 birds
206. Nat. St.-Vincent – 10.020 birds
1. West-European Country Cup, extreme long distance
1. National Acebird yearlings LCB
1. Prov. Acebird KBDB long distance, yearlings
1. Nat. Acebird AVR long distance, yearlings

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Crow BE05-5148626 Founding breeding cock, world-famous "Gouden Grijs" line!


Sedna BE04-5026055 1. Int. Narbonne, fastest of >10.000 pigeons

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