Gouden Grijze 883
Worldwide legacy of Champions
Among the most-famous bloodlines around the world ‘Gouden Grijs’

Bred from 'Last son Crow'
is grandfather to:
3. Nat. - 1.859 p. / 8. Int. Narbonne - 6.012 p. (733 km) '20
1. Sézanne (269 km) 792 birds (fastest 1,257 birds) '21

Worldwide legacy of Champions
Among the most-famous bloodlines around the world ‘Gouden Grijs’

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Last Son Crow BE15-2180022 Proven breeding son of 'Crow', world-famous bloodline 'Gouden Grijs'


Grijny BE15-2180090 Fantastic breeding hen. From father's side daughter 'Crow' x 'Sedna'
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