Founding breeding cock, world-famous "Gouden Grijs" line!

Bred from Valentino
is father Olympic Euro
Olympiad Pigeon Blackpool Kleine Molenaar
Bred from Gouden Grijs
1. Nat. Brive 2004

Top references from across the world e.g. Philippines, China and USA: Crow / Gouden Grijs bloodline performs outstanding on all distances, especially in hard racing conditions such as hot weather, mountainous environment, etc...

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Little Disney BE13-5020986 Mother 'Alexa' 2. Nat. Montélimar (735 km) – 2.836 pigeons Leda BE14-2022338 Proven breeding daughter of 'Guru' Aldina BE18-5025072 1. Prov. Libourne 2019