Avril passed away
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Avril passed away

November 19, 2019

Avril was a top racer, just dreamlike. Her lineage - it couldn't be better - shows the class of Jos Thoné. Her grandparents are "Volare", "Sheila", "De Deen" and "Nefertete". We like to remember her as one of the fastest pigeons ever on earth.

The famous Olympiad Pigeon and breeding wonder Avril (BE03-5071209) passed away last week. It is no longer necessary to introduce this special bird, as she is already world-famous. Without doubt Avril was one of the fastest pigeons ever raced. In 2007 she was 1. Olympiad Pigeon Speed, won 1. National Acebird Speed LCB, 3 years in a row (2005-2006-2007). She was 2nd provincial Acebird speed KBDB in 2005 and 2nd world champion speed in the same year. Furthermore she won more than 20 first prizes. Above all, she became a breeding wonder, as many of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are real champions. Avril will be remembered for a very long time. 


Some results of 'Avril'

  • Olympiad pigeon speed, Ostend 2007
  • 93 prizes in 6 years of racing (no doubles)
  • 20x 1st prize!
  • 1. nat. acebird LCB short distance '05, '06, '07!
  • 1. nat. acebird BDS short distance '05, '06, '07!
  • 2. prov. acebird short distance KBDB '05
  • 1. nat. acebird short distance, "Het Duivenblad" 2007
  • 1. nat. acebird AVR most prizes 2007
  • 2. West-European acebird country cup, short distance, 2006