Sumo 745
From 1. Nat. c. Issoudun x super racing hen 'Olivia'

Father won:
1. Nat. c. Issoudun 824 pigeons
12. Nat. c. Chatrx 1,044 pigeons
also, 40. Nat. c.

is also inbred SUMO Superbreeder and basic cock Thoné

Mother is a super racing hen and won
2. Acebird old birds club 2023
1/1,042p. Lorris (414km)
= 6. Prov. 5,281p.

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Matching partner(s)

Thriller x Kirina 899 BE23-5039899 THRILLER/SACHI are founding breeders with a massive amount of references worldwide. Same for the GOLDEN PAIR Dwain/Kirin.
€ 1.500,- Available
Fytor x Iris 912 BE23-5039912 Full sister 144. Final Derby Arona 2024
€ 1.250,- Available
Jonker x Zoë 896 BE23-5039896 Full sister to:
195. Final Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race OLR 2023 (530 km) 5,805 pigeons
1. Prov. Argenton 3,065 young birds 2022
= 13. Nat. 22,869 Argenton yb (534 km)
€ 1.250,- Available

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