Inbreeding Avril (Snow White)

Bred from Frost
Frost is full brother Avril and father to Sachi 
1. National La Souterraine fastest of 23.848 pigeons

Avril is a legend
super racer and breeding wonder
Olympiad Pigeon
20x first prize
1. National Acebird BDS 2006 - 2007 - 2008

Tilly won 1. Nat. Tulle 2016, fastest of 13.426 pigeons
she is mother Tiko
1. National zone Bourges of 1.130p. (495km)
18. National Bourges (2019) 10.393p.
9. National Chateauroux II (2019) 6.377p. (548km)


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Tilly BE14-2022243 1. Nat. Tulle 2016, fastest 13.426 pigeons
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