'Fyto' is father to 'Hulk'
4x first prize speed to middle distance

1. Nat. zone c. Chateauroux (548km) 2018
2. Sourdun (320km)
9. Prov. Gien (427km) - 1.094 pigeons
11. Sens (355km) - 987 pigeons

and father to 'Galaxus'
3x first prize heavy middle distance

'Fyto' is bred from 'Fyther' (Gaby Vandenabeele)

  • 1. Nat. Agen 2013 of 5.507 pigeons
  • 5. Int. Agen of 12.942 pigeons
  • 54. Int. Narbonne of 11.000 pigeons
  • raced by Bert Vandenberghe

'Fyto' is bred from 'Alecia' (Gaby Vandenabeele)

  • daughter 'Super Romeo' x 'Gloria'
  • 1. Nat. acepigeon KBDB long distance (Super Romeo)
  • 2. Nat. acepigeon KBDB long distance 





Son of Sintia and Fyto


Son of Flower and Fyto

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