1. Nat. La Souterraine, f. 23.848 pigeons
32. Nat. Bourges – 33.524 pigeons

In the middle distance discipline Sachi (and in the past many others) has proven her weight in gold. Sachi won 1. National La Souterraine of 19.155 birds (fastest La Souterraine ever and 50m head start). Her superb performance in the longer middle distance didn't prevent her from procreating several winning grandchildren such as Candira (11x 1st prize, 4. Provincial of 4.600 birds / 7. National of 4.203 birds and Olympiad Candidate), Star (2. of 885 birds / 4. of 1.612 birds / 5. of 1.459 birds / 12. of 1.756 birds) or Storm (29. National of 22.476 birds).

Kachi BE16-2226981 Proven breeding son of Kajo x Sachi Kwain BE16-2226889 Proven breeding son 'Golden Pair' Dwain x Kirin Latoya BE17-5032051 Supreme racing g.daughter 'Koen' Oliva BE17-5141017 Supreme breeding daughter of ‘Oliver’ x ‘Babe’ Amelia BE17-5032011 Supreme breeding daughter of Koen x Sachi Isla BE16-2226912 Halfsister Tilly (1st. Nat. Tulle 2016) / Daughter Sachi (1st. Nat. La Souterraine) Sienna BE17-5033294 Daughter "Golden Pair" Dwain & Kirin Kai BE17-5033380 Proven breeding son of 'Sachi' Kingston BE17-5032951 Daughter Kirin & Uncle BE17-5032879 Inbred 'Tilly' 1. Nat. Tulle 13.426 pigeons Sadie BE17-5032590 Seb BE17-5032172 Ella BE18-5025002 Eze BE16-2226744 55 Nat. – 14.955 pigeons / 50. Nat. – 9.857 pigeons Konda BE15-2180181 Proven racing and breeding daughter of 'Koen'