1. Int. Narbonne, fastest of >10.000 pigeons

In 2004, Jos Thoné selected two daughters of ‘Sumo’ (BE94-5018042) and paired them with two supreme cocks of the ‘Poco’-lineage. The results were two females which in 2005 took part in the international Narbonne flight as yearlings. Both landed side-by-side and won respectively 1st International (Sedna I) as well as 2nd International (Sedna II) Narbonne (872km) of more than 10.000 birds.

‘Sedna’ and her descendants are pure combination of speed and strength. This world- famous lineage is winning races around the globe from 100 to 1000 km.

Apollo BE15-2180012 Father 'Babe' / Brother 'Gaggan' & 'Gagano' Thriller BE13-5020111 Proven breeding son of 'Sachi' Little Joe BE01-2239585 Superbreeder Poki BE15-2180631 Proven inbreeding daughter of 'Sachi' Lena BE15-2180235 Proven racing and breeding hen Sister Erica BE15-2182808 Daughter Febio & Inbred Sedna Fanti BE15-2182867 Proven breeding daughter of 'Sachi' Mara BE15-2304157 One of the strongest breeding daughters of 'Sachi' Gaggan BE15-2180258 Supreme racer 2x 1. Nat. c. and grs. 'Sedna' 1. Int. Narbonne +10.000 p. Inbred National II BE16-2290846 is gr.mother 24. Nat. Limoges (666km) 8,970 p. '23 Pro Armata BE16-2226982 Supreme breeding daughter 'Armata' Fyto BE16-2226992 100% Gaby Vandenabeele
DNA Certified!
Galaxus BE17-5032128 27. fastest Nat. Limoges 20,075 pigeons Armata BE14-2022187 6. Nat. Acepigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings Victor BE16-2226633 1. Fast prov. Aurillac (718 km) 952 birds 2019 5. place (1. drop) 626 p. (500 km) Final Derby Zagreb, Croatia '22
Mother is daughter Superbreeder 'Little Joe'