The racing season has been postponed but we try to make the best out of every situation. We have already paired our racing birds in the beginning of the year to let them have one or maximum two rounds of youngsters. Eventually these youngsters will race together with the first or second round of young birds from our breeders.

Due to the current situation, we need to find ways to keep our pigeons 'calm' but at the same time 'ready' in case the racing season would be allowed to start. So we took the opportunity of pairing our best racers one more time, to have another round of special children from these birds. We let the hens lay and wait for two or three more days, before we separate these birds again. 

One of these pairs is 'Wulf' x 'Latoya'

Another couple is 'Muday' with a beautiful hen from the 'Avril' bloodline