Super weekend for Thoné Pigeons
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Super weekend for Thoné Pigeons

April 26, 2021

1.-3.-11... / 735 p. Laon (212km)
but also,
1/11.261 p. Chimay (Thed v. Wel, NL) father is 100% Thoné
1/537 p. (Gert Noels, Ham BE) from son 'Sachi'

'Figa' BE19-5095228 bred from 'Witpen Figo' x 'Pro Armata'
wins 1/735 Laon (212km)

also 1. club / 9. Chimay - 1.385 p. (140km) with BE19-5095222 
bred from 'Avicii' x 'Jersey' top breeding pair, see pedigree below.

References this weekend

Thed van Wel (Dreumel, NL)
wins 1/11.261 p. Chimay (215km)

The father of his winning bird is 100% Thoné and bred from 'Eagle Koka' (see link below) x daughter of 'Kajo' x 'Nida'. Thed also wins 2/11.261 pigeons.

Thed is a loyal user of the PigeonHP products, he gives Metachol and Amino Build during the week and Recup Fast upon arrival after the race. Thed also feeds 100% 'Thoné Olympic' from Beyers. 

Thed van Wel holding his 'Favorite 2020'
Thed van Wel holding his 'Favorite 2020'


Gert Noels (Ham, BE)
wins 1/537 p. Laon bred from son 'Sachi'

Father of 1/537 from Gert Noels
Father of 1/537 from Gert Noels


Chris Bogaert (Heldergem, BE)
wins 1.-5. Noyon (160km) - 480 p. with son 'Amelia' (see link below)
but also, 1. Noyon 506 old birds with grd. 'Ino' (see link below)

'Amelia' is a supreme breeding daughter of 'Koen' x 'Sachi'

'Ino' is a superior inbreeding daughter of ‘Frost’ x ‘Toendra’
is breeder of ‘Muday’
1. Nat. c. / 14. Nat. Argenton II – 6.377 birds (2019)
30. Nat. c. Argenton I – 1.714 birds (2019)
59. Laon – 1.066 birds (2018)

We would like to congratulate Thed, Gert and Chris with their results!

Do you also have an achievement with Thoné Pigeons to mention? Please let us know!