In this video Jos Thoné explains how he prepares his (breeding)birds for the breeding season.

In the beginning of November (and also regularly throughout the year), we have the pigeons & droppings checked by our veterinarian to make sure all are healthy. Around three weeks before the coupling, the pigeons will be vaccinated against Paratyphoid (Salmonella). 

In a regular year we pair the breeding pigeons around 25. November. Two weeks before the pairing, we give Vitabreed (breeding vitamins) to all breeding birds (cocks + hens). Daily until there are eggs, afterwards we continue 2-3 times per week. 

Thanks to Vitabreed we experience an optimal fertilization of the eggs (>95%), even with old cocks. The vitamins are also essential for the growth and development of the youngsters. We use it in alternation with Metachol, which is made of natural active ingredients to clean the organs and stimulate muscle growth. 

Enjoy the video and let us know if you have any questions!