We are pleased to summarize several first prizes from last weekend's races.

Melun (334 km)
provincial race

1. club Melun (334 km) / 8. Prov. 3.742 old birds with BE18-5025677. 

This hen also won 1. Sourdun - 1.810 pigeons earlier this season. She is bred from a very successful inbreeding combination 'Olympic Son' x 'Kitti' (= bloodlines 'Kittel' x 'Avril'). 

48. Prov. Melun - 6.667 yearlings with a direct daughter from Figo James. 


15. Prov. Melun (334 km) - 8.104 young birds with BE20-5040110. 
full brother to the 'Jonker' (bred by Guy Baerts) find more information below. 


Vervins (177 km)

1. club Vervins with -229/19, daughter to Olympic Son x Kitti. 


Argenton (576 km)
National race

1. club Argenton (576 km) old birds with sister Aretha -664/18. 
bred from Koka (son Koen) x Sandri (daughter Sachi)

Koka is father to e.g. Aretha
Koka is father to e.g. Aretha


1. club / 12. Nat. zone - 2.194 yearlings Argenton (576 km) with grandson Harry/Witte Edmond (bred by Guy Baerts) - see pedigree below.