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New references from Germany

May 15, 2023

1. Arcis-sur-Aube (242 km) 1,197 pigeons.
Congratulations Ralf & Moritz Funk (Trierweiler, Germany)

Hello Jos, hello Xavier,

I am flying on yesterday's flight from Arcis-sur-Aube (242 km) in the flight community (RV Südeifel-Trier e.V. / RV Bad Kreuznach).

1st prize against 1,197 pigeons. A total of 22 prizes from 32 pigeons.

The winner is the 086-20-495 blue

The bird already won a first prize against 1,393 pigeons last year and is nest brother of 086-20-494, 14th ace pigeon at national level in May 2022.

The mother comes directly from 'Kachi' (Belg-16-2226981) x Anika (Belg-12-5162160).

Thank you for the great powerful pigeons.

Best regards,