We are starting the (working-)week with a smile, as our birds achieved great results this weekend. On short distance, Sua surprised the world again with her 22nd first prize. A son of Jonker wins 1 National Argenton (zone c.) 576km.


  • 1 club Mettet (102km) again with Sua
  • 1, 2, 3, ... Melun (333km) old birds
  • first arrival: BE16-2226738 from the "Golden 13" x Cavendish bloodline
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, ... club Soissons (236km) yearlings (first: BE18-5025288)
    from the "Golden 13" x Cavendish bloodline
  • 1 Soissons (236km) club, youngbirds (BE19-5095032)
  • 1 Soissons (236km) club, old birds (BE17-5032887)

National race argenton 576km

  • 1 National Argenton (zone c.) old birds BE17-5032161 - direct son from Jonker
  • 1, 2, ... National Argenton (zone c.) yearlings with a son of Oliver (see pedigree attached)

For the national race of Argenton a total of 37.945 were basketed. Good for 15.214 old birds and 22.731 yearlings. (source: pipa.be)

National race montauban 827km

  • 8. prov. Montauban with BE15-2180549 (bred by Guy Baerts)
    this is also 10. National (zone c.)

For the national race of Montauban, a total of 5408 old birds were basketed. (source: pipa.be)

National race Pau 966km

  • 14. National Pau (zone c.) with BE17-5032650 (from the world famous "Poco" bloodline)
    this bird also makes 19th prov. Pau of 480 old birds

A record amount of 12.119 old birds were basketed on Pau. (source: pipa.be)