Every pigeon fancier, whether amateur or professional, experiences some tension when birds are arriving from a race. But believe me, the people who were not with us during yesterday's arrival of Chateauroux, will not understand the level of tension we experienced during yesterdays race. It wasn't a secret, but yesterday it has been proven once again that Jos Thoné is an extremely passionated pigeon fancier. We could almost put the "cherry on the cake", as we just missed a first national, probably only by seconds. Nonetheless, we are very happy with our results as they are phenomenal, in every category.

Chateauroux, national race of 547km to our lofts. A total of +33.000 pigeons were basketed to the race. 

our best results in cat. 'old birds'

2. National Chateauroux of 4.209 pigeons, with 'James'

'James' already won:

  • 1. National zone Chateauroux (2018)
  • 7. National Chateauroux of 1.790 pigeons (2018)
  • 1. National zone Argenton (2018)
  • 12. Chimay of 1.450 pigeons
  • 13. Vervins of 1.764 pigeons
  • 13. Nat. zone Châteauroux of 1.904 pigeons
  • 16. Sézanne of 1.251 pigeons
  • 39. Nat. Bourges of 5.831 pigeons
  • 'James' is a son of 'Konda', so a granson of superbreeder 'Koen'

Video of 'James'

7. National Chateauroux of 4.209 pigeons, with 'Candira'


our best result in cat. 'yearlings'

3. National Chateauroux of 6.387 pigeons, with 'sister Koen'
BE18-5025611 is a direct sister to superbreeder 'Koen'

Video of Sister 'Koen'

9. National Chateauroux of 6.387 pigeons, with 'Tiko'
direct son of 'Tilly' with superbreeder 'Koen'
'Tiko' also won:

  • 1. National (zone) Bourges, yearlings (2019)
  • 18. National of 10.393 pigeons! 
  • 'Tiko' is a son of 'Tilly' x superbreeder 'Koen'

Video of 'Tiko' after the race

our best result in cat. 'youngbirds'

29. National Chateauroux of 22.545 pigeons, with 'Storm'

  • 1. club Bourges (2019)
  • 38. Nat. zone Bourges (2019)
  • 1. club Chateauroux (2019)
  • 29. National of 22.545 young birds
  • son of 'Poki', inbreeding 'Sachi'

Video of 'Storm'

Please find pedigrees and links to the related pigeons below this article.