The closing event of the PIPA auction season traditionally brings the best of PIPA's most valued partners. Also Jos has selected 6 youngsters from his best proven breeders, for this exclusive PIPA auction. This special selection includes one magnificent daughter from Acebird 'Kajo' x 'Rini', as well as 2 supreme cocks from the proven breeding pair 'Koen' x 'Mara'. There is also one magnificent cock from the very valuable pairing 'Billy' x 'Candira'.

Certain highlights in this auction are the two daughters from top racer 'Tiko'.

Lots 6.05 BE19-5126541 and 6.06 BE19-5126542

These are bred from a pairing with the top racing hen from 'Olympic Son' x 'Kitti', inbreeding famous KITTEL x AVRIL. This hen wins 1. from 1.810 birds on Sourdun (320 km) last weekend (13.6.2020) and she already won the same race one year before! Go to auction


Lots 6.02 BE19-5095993 and 6.03 BE19-5095994
Jos' favourite! Two special cocks from the proven top pairing 'Koen' x 'Mara'. Where -933/19 is definitely Jos' favourite pigeon. Go to auction


Lot 6.01 BE19-5095910

'Rini 910' is a fantastic hen from Acebird 'Kajo', our basic top breeder x 'Rini', bred from 'Cavendish' x full sister 'Avril'. Go to auction


We wish best of luck to the bidders and as usual: quality guaranteed! 

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