4. Nat. Bourges with 'Witstaart Figo'
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4. Nat. Bourges with 'Witstaart Figo'

July 31, 2023

This weekend our super cock 'Witstaart Figo' won 4. Nat. Bourges (492km) 7,270 old birds. This is also 10. fastest Nat. Bourges of 19,364 pigeons. 'Witstaart Figo' already won 8x 1. prize winner (no doubles) as well as 1. fastest Melun (334 km) 5,511 pigeons last season.
Furthermore we have received very impressive references from Franck Menez (France) and Marc Vanonckelen (Halen, BE).

'Witstaart Figo' already won:
8x 1. prize winner (no doubles)
4. Nat. Bourges (492km) 7,270 pigeons '23
10. fastest Nat. Bourges 19,364 pigeons
1. fastest Melun (334 km) 5,511 pigeons '22
12. Prov. Melun 4,423 pigeons '21

Bred from 'Witpen Figo' (see below)
Supreme breeding cock. Inbreeding world-famous ‘Figo’.
Grandson ‘Jutta’, basic hen Thoné.

Bred from 'Pro Armata' (see below)
Supreme breeding daughter 'Armata'
'Pro Armata' is mother to:
1. Bourges 2,576 p. (480 km) '22
= 30. Nat. Bourges 33,410 p. @ L. Reynders
1. Melun 3,267 p. (334 km), fastest 5,511 p. ‘22
12. Prov. Melun 4,423 p. 2021

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Witstaart Figo'.


Franck Menez, Voyenne (France)

6. Nat. Narbonne FR 3,737 old birds (734km) with 'Didi' 
= 41. Int. 24,650 pigeons (see pedigree below)

Franck won 1. Nat. Marseille 3,122 pigeons (730 km) with 'La Grande Étoile' earlier this season! 

Marc Vanonckelen, Halen (Belgium)

16. Nat. Bourges (466km) 12,094 yearlings with 'White Kopecky' by Marc Vanonckelen. This super hen won 1/842 p. Soissons (207km) earlier this season! Marc also won 25. Nat. Bourges old birds, very impressive!

Congratulations Franck and Marc!