1. fastest Nat. zone Bourges I with son ‘Remco’ x ‘Nina’
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1. fastest Nat. zone Bourges I with son ‘Remco’ x ‘Nina’

May 30, 2023

27.05.2023 - 1. Nat. c. Bourges I (492 km) 2,327 old birds, fastest 3,491 pigeons with son ‘Remco’ x ‘Nina’. 

Bourges (Vierzon, 492 km)

Weather: sunny, strong north-east wind all the way. 

Our National zone victory on Bourges I was a spectacular result in what some call extreme conditions. Right after their release in Vierzon the pigeons were blown towards the west and entered Belgium probably even west of Tournai. The son from ‘Nina’ was facing strong headwinds along the way and still won 1. Nat. zone with a massive lead. 

See pedigree below. 

Sourdun (320 km)

14. MSK Sourdun 1,487 pigeons with 'Witstaart Figo'. 

'Witstaart Figo' already won:
1. fastest Melun (334 km) 5,511 pigeons '22
12. Prov. Melun 4,423 pigeons '21

is bred from 'Witpen Figo'
Supreme breeding cock. Inbreeding world-famous ‘Figo’.
Grandson ‘Jutta’, basic hen Thoné.

is bred from 'Pro Armata'
Supreme breeding daughter 'Armata'
'Pro Armata' is mother to:
1. Bourges 2,576 p. (480 km) '22
= 30. Nat. Bourges 33,410 p. @ L. Reynders
1. Melun 3,267 p. (334 km), fastest 5,511 p. ‘22
12. Prov. Melun 4,423 p. 2021

Also, 24. MSK Sourdun 1,487 pigeons with daughter 'Suo' x 'Oliva'.