For those who are following our achievements, we have summarized our most important results of last weekend. Again an outstanding performance of 'Wulf', he wins 2. prov. Libourne (808km) old birds. 'Sua' wins her 23th first prize, truly amazing! And another great result from 'Candira', also a name that pops up regularly.

  • 1. prov. Libourne (808km), yearlings
    Bloodline: Sedna, Crow, Galax
  • 2. prov. Libourne (808km), old birds
    = 4. Nat. zone
    'Wulf' (see link below)
  • 1. Issoudun, club (523km) and 8. Nat. zone, old birds with 'Bill'
    see picture
  • 1. Issoudun, club (523km) and 4. Nat. zone, yearlings
  • 1. club, Fay-au-Loges, 427km with daughter 'Tora'
'Tora', full sister to 'Oliver'
'Tora', full sister to 'Oliver'
  • 1. club, Fay-au-Loges, 427km (Orléans), old birds with 'Candira'
  • 1. club, Fay-au-Loges, 427km, youngbirds
  • 1. Chimay with 'Sua', her 23th first prize!