Eagle Koka
Proven racing and breeding son of top pair 'Koka' x 'Sandri'

Bred from 'Koka'
is father 'Aretha' 7x first prize
Son Superbreeder 'Koen' 
h.brother 'Tiko' 1. Nat. Acebird Bourges
is bred from Superbreeder 'Koen'

Bred from 'Sandri'
is bred from Sachi
1. Nat. La Souterraine – fastest 23.848 birds
32. Nat. Bourges – 33.524 birds
Founding breeding hen


'Eagle Koka' is father
35/10.645 Niergnies
78/5.139 Quievrain
98/4.392 Maastricht
Raced by T.v.Wel

Koka BE16-2226220 Father 'Aretha' 7x first prize
Son Superbreeder 'Koen'
h.bro 'Tiko' 1. Nat. ACE Bourges

Sandri BE15-2180168 Daughter Sachi / grd. Eagle Eye