28. Prov. Barcelona (1,108 km)
Proven breeding son of 'Crow'

The ‘Crow’ bloodline is doing really well in hard races around the world. Customers from e.g. Philippines, India and China are reporting very good results with grandchildren from ‘Crown’.

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Top references from across the world e.g. Philippines, China and USA:
Crow / Gouden Grijs bloodline performs outstanding on all distances, especially in hard racing conditions such as hot weather, mountainous environment, etc...

Some references from Belgium:
1. Nat. c. / 14. Nat. Argenton II – 6.377 birds (2019)
30. Nat. c. Argenton I – 1.714 birds (2019)
59. Laon – 1.066 birds (2018)
1. Prov. Tulle 666 birds / 3. Nat. 6.974 birds
1. Nat. hens / 4. Nat. Brive - 19.487 birds
1. Oostende - 384 birds
1. Club Valence 2014
6. Nat. Zone Châteauroux - 1,451 birds 2015
6. Nat. Zone Montauban - 417 birds 2015
7. Nat. Zone La Souterraine - 140 birds 2015
8. Nat. Zone Limoges - 605 birds 2015
Also 27.-31.-32.-35.-42.-52.-64.-73. Int./Nat.

In the picture below Jos is checking 'his' old bird, which is now the most successful breeder of one of our befriended customers in China. It is said that almost every good, grizzle, long distance bird in the world has some 'Golden Grizzle' (Gouden Grijs) blood inside. Is it true?

Grandson 'Crow' in China
Grandson 'Crow' in China



Crow BE05-5148626 Founding breeding cock, world-famous "Gouden Grijs" line!
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