1. Int. Narbonne, fastest of >10.000 pigeons

In 2004, Jos Thoné selected two daughters of ‘Sumo’ (BE94-5018042) and paired them with two supreme cocks of the ‘Poco’-lineage. The results were two females which in 2005 took part in the international Narbonne flight as yearlings. Both landed side-by-side and won respectively 1st International (Sedna I) as well as 2nd International (Sedna II) Narbonne (872km) of more than 10.000 birds.

‘Sedna’ and her descendants are pure combination of speed and strength. This world- famous lineage is winning races around the globe from 100 to 1000 km.

Jos Thoné is particularly known for breeding racing birds that are suited for every distance. He does this by combining different bloodlines. As such, he cleverly makes his sprint pigeons stronger, while making his long distance birds faster. One of the exponents of this successful strategy is without doubt Sedna (BE04-5026055).

The legendary 'Sedna' of Jos Thoné
The legendary 'Sedna' of Jos Thoné


Jos explains: "Sedna and her descendants are a perfect combination of speed and endurance. This now world famous bloodline has been producing race winners in the range of 100 to 1000km, all across the globe. I named her after the last planet that was discovered in our solar system."

‘Sedna’ won 1st International Narbonne of 5.870 birds, 7th Semi-National Jarnac of 5.005 birds, won 1st West-European Country Cup long distance as well as 1st National Acebird LCB and 1st Provincial Acebird KBDB. Meanwhile this ‘wonder pigeon’ is (great-)grandmother to 8x 1st National zone, 2x 1st National and 5x 1st Provincial winners. Important children of ‘Sedna’ are ‘Sendo’ (father ‘Gaggan’ as well as grandfather to ‘Babe’) or ‘Sedmos’ (breeder of no less than 5 generations of winners).

Sedna is grandmother to ‘Gaggan’ - 2x 1. National zone

Gaggan earned his place in the stockloft
Gaggan earned his place in the stockloft

Top references of grandchildren ‘Sedna’

  • 1. Olympiad Pigeon 2022 Marathon, "Brutus" (M. & G. Pollin)
  • 1. Nat. La Souterraine – 13.089 birds (raced by Marc Vanonckelen)
  • 1. Nat. zone Gueret (raced by Filip & Nicolas Norman)
  • 1. Nat. Montauban '15 – 2,129 p. (raced by Marc & Geert Pollin)
  • 1. Nat. St.-Vincent – raced by Marc & Geert Pollin
  • 2. Int. Agen – Team De Jaeger
  • 2. Nat. Acebird KBDB marathon – Team De Jaeger​​
  • 4. Nat. Acebird KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2019
  • 15. Nat. Acebird KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2020

Furthermore, she is grandmother to:

  • 1. Prov. Pau 2009
  • 3. Prov. Cahors 2008
  • 4. Prov. Cahors 2010
  • 5. Semi-Nat. Jarnac – 5.576 birds
  • 7. Nat. Chateauroux – 6.005 birds
  • 9. Nat. Vierzon – 11.572 birds (raced by Marc Vanonckelen)
  • 1. Nat. zone Montluçon – 3.154 birds (raced by Team Freddy Dejaegher)

also grandmother to 4 different Provincial winners in 2013

  • 1. Prov. Pau 2013
  • 1. Prov. Poitiers 2013
  • 1. Prov. Narbonne 2013
  • 1. Prov. Tulle 2013

Sedna is grandmother to ‘Gagano’ BE16-2226337

Gagano - 12. National Acebird KBDB LD 2019
Gagano - 12. National Acebird KBDB LD 2019


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