Guru 793
Full brother to top racer Zoë 4x 1st prize speed

Bred from 'Kwain'
Proven breeding son 'Golden Pair' Dwain x Kirin
(gr.)parents to 60+ times first prize in our loft and this Golden Breeding Pair is also famous in several countries worldwide! 

Bred from 'Leda'
Proven breeding daughter of 'Guru'
8. Nat. Soustons - 10.190 pigeons
won 19 prizes in 2 years, from 100 up to 1.000 km

is h.sister 'Guyliam' 2x 1. Prov. 
is father 1. Prov. / 10. Int. Agen - 6.042 pigeons
is bred from son 'Arnold' x 'Poco' (both winner of 1. Int. Barcelona)

This long distance family also performs exceptionally on the speed races! 

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Kwain BE16-2226889 Proven breeding son 'Golden Pair' Dwain x Kirin


Leda BE14-2022338 Proven breeding daughter of 'Guru'

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