Proven breeding daughter 'Witte Edmond'
h.sister 'Bill' 12./17. Nat. Acebird KBDB HMD '18/'19
'Billy' 1. Nat. c. Gueret & top breeder

Bred from White Edmond, father to:
1. Prov. / 12. Nat. Acebird KBDB HMD 2018 with 'Bill'
1. Nat. c. Gueret (605km) with 'Billy'
'Miss Avrila', raced by Ronny Menten
5. Nat. Gueret – 16.262 birds
13. Nat. Bourges – 14.496 birds

Bred from Inbred National II
Bred from ‘Flor’
Supreme breeding son from ‘Magic Florian’
Bred from ‘Double 2’
Double gr.daughter famous ‘National II’

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